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T__T [15 May 2014|04:07pm]
What is this "New LJ" nonsense??!!

NO. No. Bad LJ. Stop it. No one likes that. No.

It's like they're trying to seal their fate that everyone bails for DW and tumblr T__T
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Yay, comics. [13 Sep 2013|01:35pm]
Sooooo. I have a hardcore new obsession (this won't be news to anyone who knows me on facebook or is also friends with GL). We're currently really ridiculously addicted to Marvel's Young Avengers comics. Oh-em-gee, why didn't I know about this series before this summer??? It's seriously everything I ever wanted Weiss to be, but wasn't in canon and depended on fanfic for. In YA it's all canon *__*.

Man, when I was a kid I practically lived and breathed comic books and then around the time I started reading manga I just completely stopped with non-Japanese comics. It feels so awesome to be excited about regular comic books again. It's also nice to be interested in a fandom again. 2010-2013 I was really flat lining on any and all fandomy stuff. I was sort of too depressed to get excited over anything.

Anyway, we went to the Baltimore ComicCon this past Saturday, and at the very last minute I noticed that Jim Cheung (the original artist and co-creator of the Young Avengers) was going to be there. So we got to meet him and he drew me and GL a sketch of Wiccan. Ahhh! So awesome!!!

 photo Wiccanbigger_zpsed64501d.jpg

Our whole weekend was totally crazy, actually. I got talked into joining the Hyattsville Arts Alliance, and in the morning before the con I went to a hanging to put a piece of my artwork on display in Franklin's Restaurant. After the con we went clubbing with a friend in DC and didn't get back until about 3:30 AM. Then the next day we visited family and stopped for a spontaneous short hike up to a waterfall in the Catoctin Mountains. :-)
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[05 Aug 2012|10:47pm]
Thanks for the birthday rose error256!!!
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[10 Apr 2012|12:42am]
Happy Birthday tex_chan!!!
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[16 Jan 2012|04:41pm]
Happy happy happy birthday fieryredqueen!!! I hope you are having a great day!!!
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Just a general note on why I no longer seem to exist anymore. [09 Jan 2012|12:33pm]
August-mid December I was taking a class that literally ate up every free second of my time. I was totally losing my mind and counting down the seconds until it was over expecting to immediately be able to switch back to normal and have a life on the internet again....

about the time I finally got over that hurdle, LJ started getting really annoying. It no longer works very well on my work computer. The pages only load about half of the time, and then when they do load, it is only another half of the time that I can actually access the comment pages. It is really annoying and I originally blamed it on the DOS attacks and other shenanigans going on with LJ, but this whole time it works perfectly normal at home so I'm not sure what's up. Just that it's annoying and makes it very difficult to use at work.

Meanwhile my home computer appears to have a trojan so I haven't been using it. I finally broke down and decided I'd just suck it up and wipe the hard drive and re-upload everything so I could move on with my life. Except, now that I decided to do that I can't find my Adobe CS4 software anywhere. I'm not willing to wipe my computer out if I can't add CS4 back. I'm not sure what to do. Currently at a bit of a standstill, but needless to say my computer access is sucking a bit. I'm still around, I'm reading from GL's laptop and my work computer when I can. Just not commenting as much as I should since I'm spending far less time on the computer than I otherwise would be.

PS. Remember when I said my holiday cards would be late? Erm, make that very very very very late. I'm really sorry guys, I'm a bum. Sigh.

P.P.S. fieryredqueen, your Xmas Cthulhu card is the shiznit and has gotten lots of compliments when people come over ;-)
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This is important! [08 Nov 2011|08:02pm]
Right now the Defense of Marriage Act is one of the biggest obstacles to same-sex couples having equal rights as straight couples. The Senate is about to vote on reapealing it which will hugely improve our legal rights if it passes. Please sign this petetion through the Human Rights Campaign! It means a lot to me and genuinelie!!

Tell the Senate to Repeal DOMA
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Advice? [15 Oct 2011|12:44pm]
Those of you who have your own website...I need recommendations for a hosting service. I'm going to be making a portfolio site for the class I'm taking and have to write a proposal for it this weekend. I know nothing about this stuff! Suggestions? (Preferably affordable ones, haha)
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@ work [11 Oct 2011|04:15pm]
So apparently if you drive repetitively up and down the street in a VW bug while flying kites out of the back, you get stared at a lot.

...And barked and whistled at.
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Dr. Who... [05 Oct 2011|01:05pm]
Dang. So apparently Lake Silencio is a completely fictitious lake (there's a lot of places with weird names out there so I'd totally found it believable it might be a real place...I mean come on....it's home to towns with names like "Mexican Hat" :D). I was so totally planning on making a geek pilgrimage there the next time I was in Utah!! Rats.

I wonder where they filmed it then, Lake Powell?? The credits probably wouldn't get more elaborate than just 'Utah' though, I didn't think to look.

Well anyway. I'm not actually going to say anything about the show itself (other than it's the only thing I've been watching with any enthusiasm lately, I'm sad I'm going to have to wait a while for new episodes.) Just that I think Matt Smith looked mighty spiffy in Craig's Stetson. Yes indeedy, Stetsons are cool.
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