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This is Not My Life - Chapter 19

Oh man. Everything that I wrote on Thursday somehow mysteriously failed to save. For the second time I had to re-write part of this damned chapter. There are simply no words.

Okay, okay, putting the angst aside.

I thought I would have this done months ago. I don't know why it turned into such an ordeal. But here it is! Chapter 19! (*cough*pretendtobeexcitedsoIfeelbetteraboutalltheangst*cough*)

This is Not My Life: Chapter 19

I don't mean to seem insane, but you wind me up

Ken POV.

Chapter summary:
Omi is (innocently?) tipping Ken into a nervous breakdown.

Author's note: The movie Omi puts on is loosely based on a real Japanese movie I saw a few years ago. It was about a super-amazing-bishonen-samurai who slept his way up the ranks or something like that. Part of the description is made up though, because my memory is bad and I don't have the attention span to watch a movie like that twice.

Well I wrote you a letter but I tore it up
Then I wrote another letter and I tore it up
Stare up at the ball game
On the TV screen
If you care to find me
You'll know where I'll be

Edit: Holy beejezus! This is the first time I ever bothered to check the hit count right after updating. Over 90 people read this chapter before a single person bothered to review @__@ (outside of my direct friends commenting here, that is.) People are really getting quieter than they used to be. At least I know they're still reading, I guess ;__;
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