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‘Til I Get It Right

I’ll stay here all night

The Sky Rat formally known as Norman Nitelife
14 July 1982
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But fortunately I have the key to escape reality. -John Prine

The very short version: I'm a graphic designer, vegetarian, and bisexual. My wife is genuinelie, who you'll probably notice I talk about a lot in here.

I used to play Yohji in the Weiß Kreuz RPG theblackcross

I also have a second journal where I am archiving my fanfiction and uploading scans of Weiß Kreuz doujinshi: yotan.

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This is Sky Rat. He's an obscure comic book character who only got one glorious issue back in the Seventies. I don't expect anyone to know him, which is why I'm finally posting his picture here. The mystery is solved. Sky Rat is property of John Ebersberger. Nuff Said.